Fixture Drinks 28th November 2019

Dear Fixture Members,


Exceptional times warrant exceptional measures. For the first time ever, we will hold a party not on a Friday but on a Thursday, and we will do so at a new venue by the Thames booked by our friends at boutique recruitment firm for the shipping and energy industries Cordell-Beaumont (, our co-hosts for this event.


Given the 50+ people who have already confirmed attendance to Cordell-Beaumont, this gathering is a great chance for making new acquaintances whilst simultaneously catching up with old friends from The Fixture.


Registration: As an exception, for helping our friendly co-hosts monitor attendance levels so that they can keep the venue informed, we would appreciate very highly if you register your intention to attend via the following Eventbrite weblink:  


We’re pleased to offer firm as follows:




Reply ASAP (GMT) to

(We would appreciate if you let us know via email as well as usual)


Date: Thursday, 28th of November, 2019


Time: from 1800h (6PM) until 2100h (9PM)


(Yes, you read that right: until 2100h! People have to show up punctually at the office the next day, and they must do so in a sober state. Moreover, the venue has been kind enough to remain open for us two hours beyond their usual closing time. Nevertheless, don’t despair: some of us are likely to push the envelope and walk afterwards to The Dickens Inn pub, just a few hundred metres away, at the heart of St Katharine Docks)   



Sargeant’s Mess

Tower of London

The Wharf

St Katharine’s & Wapping Ward
London EC3N 4AB

(Nearest stations: Tower Hill Underground, Tower Gateway DLR)


A superbly located bar & restaurant sandwiched between Tower of London and the Thames, affording striking views of Tower Bridge and serving a reasonably priced selection of beers, wines and spirits. NB. ”Sargeant” is not a misspelling of a military rank; it is the surname of the owner.


Attendance: +60 MOLCHOPT


Cover charge: None. As a matter of principle, The Fixture does not charge for membership or attendance to events.


Dress code: As usual (i.e. no ripped jeans, trainers, hoodies nor knights gear)


Door policy: If you actually believe those who tell you that you look less than 21, bring your ID.


Disciplinary policy: Boredom is a criminal offence.


+++++++++++++end quote+++++++++++++


We’d be pleased to fix this clean by receiving your attendance confirmation.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Best regards, 

Kristina, Armando, Cristian, Henrik and Christos

-The Fixture-

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