Michael Howlett

Michael Howlett

Michael Howlett is the Deputy Director of the IMB and a Director of ICC Commercial Crime Services, the anti-crime unit of the ICC. 

Michael oversees the daily operations of the Bureau’s London activities and liaises closely with the IMB’s Piracy Reporting Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Michael also co-ordinates with the IMB’s banking, trading, shipping and insurance company members with regards to loss prevention and advice.

Michael has been instrumental in identifying systematic international fraudsters, invited to provide evidence and appear as a witness in trade related criminal cases and assisted in the investigation of the largest fraud in trade finance history. As part of his duties Michael has also investigated a number of cases worldwide relating to cargo losses, the suspicious sinking of vessels and their cargoes and the phenomena known as phantom ships.

He has travelled on investigations to a number of countries, spoken at numerous conferences and seminars worldwide and written papers on areas connected with the subject of piracy, fraud and malpractice in international trade. He has been a regular lecturer for METL since 2007.

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