Fixture Drinks 6th March 2020

Dear Fixture Members,

In times of tumultuous change (e.g. Brexit, Megxit, Manchester City’s ban from Champions League, et cetera), we satisfy our need for stability by drawing comfort from whatever around us is immutable, such as persistent rain, recurrent bills, unavoidable taxes (phrase which seems a pleonasm, but, in practice, it isn’t for some) and monthly Fixture gatherings.


Following a memorably pleasant rendezvous (NB. words of Continental origin are still allowed throughout the transition period) earlier this month, next week, on the first Friday of March, we would reassemble at a friendly pub on Austin Friars, near Bank.


We’re pleased to offer firm as follows:




Reply by ASAP (GMT) to 


Date: Friday, 6th of March 2020


Time: From 1800h (6PM) until Her Majesty and Meghan upload to Instagram a selfie together 


Venue:  Balls Brothers Austin Friars

             10-11 Austin Friars

              London EC2N 2HG

              (Nearest tube station: Liverpool Street or Bank)



The venue is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the City, sitting within Austin Friars square (if you are coming from Liverpool Street Station use Pinner's Passage off Old Broad Street).

A ground-level private room (Green Room) at this trendy venue has been booked for our use. During happy hours (5-7PM) enjoy  bottles of wine for £15, Prosecco for £20, Classic Cocktails for £5, check at the bar for any other offers. Come early to minimise your OPEX!


Attendance: +60 MOLCHOPT


Cover charge: None. As a matter of principle, The Fixture does not charge for membership or attendance to events.


Dress code: As usual (i.e. no ripped jeans, trainers, hoodies nor Sussex Royal-branded garments)


Door policy: If you actually believe those who tell you that you look less than 21, bring your ID. 


Disciplinary policy: Boredom is a criminal offence. 


+++++++++++++end quote+++++++++++++


We’d be pleased to fix this clean by receiving your attendance confirmation.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards, 

Kristina, Armando, Cristian, Henrik and Christos
-The Fixture-

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