How to enrol

Enrolment is simple and quick, just follow the steps below

1. Navigate to Courses in top menu bar

2. Click on your chosen course 

3. Click on course Enrolment / Apply Online

4. Click on your selected subject(s)

5. Click on Apply / Book Online

6. Click on Proceed with Application (at top of screen) 

7. Click on Continue with Application and follow steps to completion

8. Upon successful enrolment, you will receive an invoice and email confirmation of payment

9. If your employer is paying for your studies with a corporate debit or credit card, please note that:

 a.  the Application should always be completed in the name of the student

 b.  the Billing Address and Card Details should be completed with the company details

 c.  an automated invoice will be sent to the student's email address with proof of payment. 

If you have any questions, either phone us (0845 644 2864) or send an email to ''